Awesome Announcement for French Herbalife Members

Liftoff Pomegranate-Berry Burst has 75 mg of caffeine, which assists customers stay alert and concentrated, as well as momentarily increasing metabolism. The new product will be available at

It is made from particular, carefully gathered organic ingredients, that will help your brain work better, speed up the performance of your memory, and make you less fatigued.

Liftoff Pomegranate-Berry Boost is loaded with Vitamin C, and a array of energy-supporting B vitamins.

Studies say that most people are starting to put more and more importance on the ingredients that the meals and drink they take in are made of, especially when referring to sugary foods and drinks or those formulated with caffeine.

With this, there is also a lot more desire for herbal remedies, organic foods and organic items.

Stats show that there is ever more desire (and more and more sales) for products and herbal therapy in the past 10 years, with the trend anticipated to continue expanding.

We are happy to present this new taste to this effervescent supplement range because it adds variety to a supplement that many people currently appreciate as an energy supplement throughout the day.

Regardless of whether you’re a physically active sportsman, gym-goer, or simply require an energy lift after lunch or anytime during the course of the day, Liftoff Pomegranate-Berry Burst is a great choice that will not add unneeded additional calories to your diet,” stated Ibi Fleming, senior vice president and managing director for Herbalife North America.

It features basically no calories, and absolutely no carbohydrates – a perfect addition for everybody who monitors their weight and desires a practical refreshment that they can have with them at always.

Are you a fresh mummy? Here are some tips for both new mommies and regular ladies from 2 of Herbalife’s most qualified nutritionists and training specialists, Samantha Clayton and Susan Bowerman, on how you can stay on top of your game, day in day out.

Begin the day with a wholesome morning meal.

Hectic days can mean irregular meals, but if you try to beginning your day right, it will set you on the correct course for the remainder of the day.

Try a meal that combines some foods that are rich in protein and a few carbs, which should keep you going until it is time for the afternoon meal.

You can look at some solutions from the Herbalife range – for instance, the popular shake, which includes a lot of proteins but few calories. It is awesome when blended with a banana or some nuts.

Set a wellness target.

Increasing your overall conditioning level can definitely impact you and the kids you adore so much, because the healthier you are the more easily you will be able to keep up with them and their busy schedule.

What is it that is important to you? Do you need more strength? More stamina? More pace? Or just more energy to be active throughout the day?

Just make certain to set a concrete target for yourself, and to note it down. Once you have it on paper, it will be far simpler to reach.

Cook your own dishes.

If your days are very hectic, you will possibly have small nibbles during the day, and forget to have a real, wholesome lunch.

You are undoubtedly making things for the children, so why don’t you make something for yourself as well?

When there’s something wholesome to enjoy waiting for you, you’ll be less likely to turn to the unsuitable meals when you’re hungry and exhausted.

Treat yourself to a workout gizmo or app.

We hope you followed our previous piece of advice – preparing a target you wish to attain. Now, let’s find a way to measure your path to it.

There are many simple appliances that will help you monitor your progress – some that will count the number of steps you take, measure the amount of calories you burn, or check your heart rate.

If you are still hesitant to break the bank, check out some complimentary software that will work on your smart phone. There are plenty, both for Android and iPhone.

When preparing a dish, make enough for 2 dishes

Whenever you are about to make your next meal, take some extra ingredients and get tomorrow’s one ready as well.

Whatever you are doing today – preparing fruits, cutting carrots, cabbage or whatever – make a bit extra than is required right away. That way, the next meal will be ready much sooner and with less effort.

Groceries that are rich in protein can be prepared in advance in the similar way.

Tonight’s cooked meat can be turned into tomorrow’s soft chicken tacos.

Take some company with you.

Having something dynamic to look forward to with a friend will help keep you on track with your training program.

Numerous group events can be made for everyone to enjoy – a group sport, a walk on some nearby hills or peaks.

Setting apart time do do some exercise with the people whose company you like is a great way to reward yourself.

Short Exercise Bursts throughout the Day

Anytime you find yourself with a few extra moments, try to make them active – doing something is better than nothing at all.

Little steps are a great way to get in shape and feel good – and there are loads of quick exercises that you can do throughout the day, no matter how much time you have.

Keep your fridge filled.

Dining healthy is much simpler if you regularly have something good to eat at your fingertips.

These foods are always excellent for you, and are very convenient to prepare and consume.

Be adventurous when readying your remaining food. Fresh fruits can make great juices, surplus chicken can go into salads, and veggies into sauces.

Make preparing food a household occasion.

Rather than you being the only one responsible for buying and making food, involve your household.

Not only does it make your work easier, but spending time with each other while preparing dinners is a perfect time to talk as a household about the rewards of a healthy diet.

Being alone with your thoughts is therapeutic – make it a routine.

We mean that you ought to have a little chill out moment for yourself when you can, and concentrate on your inner wants and desires.

Its fantastic if you can do some on a daily basis before sleep or whenever you are feeling exhausted out and overwhelmed.

Concentrating on respiration for a few moments will be a great reprieve, and this is something every mom should use during the day.

A little stretch out session before you go to bed may fix your sleep too.

“Tension and a sedentary lifestyle are two health risk factors that you can make a conscious effort to eliminate from your life. So for Mother’s Day this year give yourself the gift of wellness all year long,” concluded Clayton.


CR7 Drive – Herbalife Designs Energy Drink Around Ronaldo!

Global nutrition firm, Herbalife, and international football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, announced today the release of Herbalife’s signature sports drink: “CR7 Drive”.

Herbalife Unveils New Sports Drink with Global Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo.

As Ronaldo’s established nutrition backer, CR7 Drive is the crowning jewel in the nutrition company’s connection with its renowned athlete and reflects many months of alliance between them.

As you may have learned, Herbalife has entered a long-term arrangement with Cristiano Ronaldo, and it was for his needs and to help with his abilities that the fresh product was launched.

“Cristiano Ronaldo takes nutrition very seriously and recognizes how an appropriate diet in combination with choice nutrients can assist to boost his overall performance,” said Michael Johnson, chairman and CEO, Herbalife.

“We developed CR7 Drive specifically for and with Ronaldo, but his demands are not all that different from the daily requirements of any other athlete or exercise aficionado, and we are honored to make CR7 Drive available to athletes at all levels.”

“Herbalife understands how critical diet is for my performance,” stated Cristiano Ronaldo, forward for Real Madrid C.F.

“Working with devoted Herbalife sports science staff to build CR7 Drive has been very satisfying and demonstrates what a true collaboration should be like. I look forward to assisting athletes around the world understand how nutritious products can help them perform.”

The motivation for the new supplement was to develop the standard sports drink by helping it offer more energy and energy during physical exertion, and to do so without the addition of any synthetic components.

The taste is very refreshing and pleasant, and is a great beverage to choose during any intense physical activity.

The solution of the new supplement is the distinctive blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes that replace the ones that are commonly lost during strenuous physical activity.

CR7 Drive is ideal for a number of activities including: football, spinning, running, or other activities that significantly increase heart rate.

Like all the supplements that are a part of the Herbalife 24 assortment, it has been carefully evaluated for banned ingredients and meets all the appropriate nutritional guidelines and manufacturing standards.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a full staff of Herbalife scientists and nutritional specialists that help him to get the finest performances by planning a detailed nutritional plan for his demands. This cooperation led to the development of his new personalized supplement – CR7 Drive.

Below is some background on Herbalife:

Herbalife is an international nutrition organization that has been changing people’s everyday lives with great supplements since 1980.

The company is most popular for its weight loss solutions and products, but has also created a whole range of solutions that help with personal and skin care, sports performance and energy levels. All solutions are obtainable solely through trained Herbalife members, in more than 90 nations around the world.

They are devoted to battling the global problems of poor nutrition and obesity by providing high-quality supplements, one-on-one guidance with an Herbalife member and a community that inspires customers to live a healthy, active life.

Another important objective of Herbalife is to aid young ones in need everywhere through its HFF and other charities.

Herbalife is also very active in the professional sports circuit, being trusted for the daily nutrition of hundreds of top athletes and professional teams all across the world and in a variety of sports.

The firm has over 7,800 employees around the world, and its stocks are traded on the New York Stock Exchange with net sales of $5 billion in 2014.

To find out more visit or

About Cristiano Ronaldo:

It is a great honor for any athlete to be famous in their profession, but only very few ever break out of this and become genuine legends popular everywhere around the planet.

He is one of the greatest among these very few

From his early days as a rising star with Sporting Lisbon, to his position as a multiple World Player of the Year, Ronaldo has won more awards, plaudits and records than many players struggle to imagine.

So far, it seems that there is nothing that will stop him from achieving even more.

Popular the world over for his blistering speed and deadly eye for goal, he has become a critical figure in modern-day football.

All this achievement has come as a result of overcoming much initial hardship.

At an early age, he left his family’s modest house in Madeira to chase his ambition of growing to be a professional footballer with Sporting Lisbon.

In record time, his potential was seen by coaches all over the world, and followers loved seeing his lightning speed and sensational dribbling that was lighting stadiums on fire.

A great supporter of Ronaldo was the celebrated Manchester United football team, who brought him over to the UK in 2003.

Under the excellent manager’s care, Ronaldo honed his natural ability to become a world-beater.

He was responsible for 110 goals in his 6 years in Manchester, and won an incredible 9 UK and Continental titles.

With his participation, Man Utd became the top team of that period.

This was just a stepping stone for the ace, as he was still to go on to achieve further greatness with another team.

By 2009, Ronaldo was the figurehead of Portugal’s international side and happily wore the captain’s armband.

He broke the global transfer record when he moved to Madrid.

He has risen to become the best player in a club composed of the globe’s best players, smashing several records that had stood for many years.

He has been labeled the best player in the world on 3 separate occasions, has won the UCL 2 times, and a great number of leagues, cups and trophies with RM and Man Utd. He is unquestionably one of the best ever players to grace a soccer field.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the one player to have won the European Golden Shoe 4 times.